Liyan Song,* Qian Su, Rongbiao Tong*, et. al. Cascade Claisen and Meinwald Rearrangement for One-Pot Divergent Synthesis of Benzofurans and 2H‑Chromenes[J]ORGANIC LETTERS, 2020.

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A new cascade approach has been developed for the one-pot four-step divergent synthesis of polysubstituted benzofurans and 2H-chromenes, featuring a novel cascade aromatic Claisen rearrangement/Meinwald rearrangement/dehydrative or oxidative cyclization. This new method was demonstrated with 39 examples tolerating difffferent substitutions at an epoxide, allylic ether, and aromatic ring, and we showcased its utility with the fifirst total synthesis of natural product liparacid A in seven steps.