Xie, L., Gao, F., Zheng, S., Zhang, X., Zhang, L., Li, T., 2019. Molecular characterization of a new potyvirus infecting passion fruit. Archives of virology.[J] Archives of VirologyDoi: 10.1007/s00705-019-04251-8

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A potyvirus (isolate PFV-FJ) infecting passion fruit in China was identified by small-RNA sequencing. The complete genome sequence of PFV-FJ was determined to be 9974 nucleotides, excluding the poly(A) tail. PFV-FJ shares 70–72% nucleotide and 69–74% amino acid sequence identity at the polyprotein level with seven reported potyviruses, but 89% nucleotide and 91% amino acid sequence identity with an unreported potyvirus, tentatively named “passionfruit Vietnam potyvirus” (PVNV-DakNong). This suggests that PFV-FJ and PVNV-DakNong should belong to the same potyvirus species and that PFV-FJ is a new member of the genus Potyvirus. This new potyvirus was tentatively named “passion fruit severe mottle-associated virus”.